Solaz, Hector, Catherine de Vries and Roosmarijn de Geus. “In-Group Loyalty and the Electoral Punishment of Corruption.”  Forthcoming with Comparative Political Studies

Allen Stevens, Benjamin, Md Mujahedul Islam, Roosmarijn de Geus, Jonah Goldberg, John McAndrews, Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki, Peter John Loewen and Daniel Rubenson. “Local Candidate Effects in Canadian Elections.” Forthcoming with Canadian Journal of Political Science 

Book Project

Leadership and Expectations: Understanding the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. With  Peter Loewen, Daniel Rubenson and Royce Koop. Under contract with Toronto University Press

Papers Under Review

de Geus, Roosmarijn. “When the economy does not align: an analysis of conflicted partisans in the US from 1980 until 2016” Under review with JEPOP

Shorrocks, Rosalind and Roosmarijn de Geus. “How Do Citizens Develop Confidence in the European Union? The Role of Socialization Experiences.” Under review with West European Politics

Work in Progress

“Ideological Heterogeneity and Voter Turnout in the 2015 Canadian Election,” with Ben Allen Stevens, Md Mujahedul Islam, Jonah Goldberg, John McAndrews, Peter Loewen, and Daniel Rubenson

“Gender Stereotypes and Performance Voting,” with John McAndrews and Peter Loewen

“How Voters Evaluate Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Politicians,” with John McAndrews and Peter Loewen

“Positive and negative messages about women in politics and the effects on women’s willingness to participate in politics”, with John McAndrews and Peter Loewen